Fadnavis’ dinner

May 03 2016

Eight senior journalists, who live in Delhi but cover Maharashtra politics, were invited for dinner by the young chief minister Devendra Fadnavis at his residence “Varsha” in Mumbai. These journalists were given flight tickets to Mumbai. The journalists arrived and talks and discussions started. One journalist told Fadnavis, “People are not happy with your work; you will have to make changes in yourself.” Fadnavis replied, “Please enjoy your meal. Today we will only talk about pleasant things.” But the journalist aimed his ammo at Fadnavis and said, “But that doesn’t mean you can deny the truth.” Fadnavis got a little upset at this and said, “I never thought I will become the CM. I thought it will be Munde ji or Gadkari ji. If god has given me this opportunity, why should I waste my time thinking about unpleasant things? I am the CM for five years. If the party comes back to power, fair enough, or I will become the leader of Opposition. You will not be able to erase the history of five years, will you?” The journalist realised it was better to keep quiet.

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