Fadnavis ahead in the CM race

October 21 2014

Devendra Fadnavis’ name is ahead in the name for chief minister’s post in Maharashtra. Fadnavis is a Brahmin from Vidarbha and had also been Nagpur’s mayor in the past. He is also a MLA from Nagpur as well as the party’s state president. BJP’s top leadership has full confidence that the party will touch the majority milestone in Maharashtra and Haryana on its own. In such a scenario, the first name in the race in Maharashtra is that of Nitin Gadkari, who had, in the past, shown his displeasure to the party high command about going to Maharashtra. But sources close to Gadkari are of the opinion that to become Maharashtra’s CM is an old dream of Gadkari. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge he is getting in this is from Devendra Fadnavis, who is pretty junior to him in politics. But there are some similarities between the two, for instance, Devendra also weight 120 kg once upon a time, and opted for a bariatric surgery and brought down his weight to 70. He then inspired Gadkari to reduce his weight by surgery and following Fadnavis’ advice, Gadkari also went for the same surgery in Mumbai. For CM Mohan Bhagwat still prefers Gadkari, but Modi camp’s logic is that a MLA should become the chief minister. So for now, Fadnavis leads the race.

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