Extra information about the Cabinet expansion

July 04 2016

Our famous prime minister, who is trying to write a new political script for the country in today’s changing times, is getting caught in the web of stars and their orbits. The prime minister, who is struggling with a Cabinet reshuffle, has been advised by some of his reliable astrologers about the auspicious time and date when then the Cabinet changes can be made. Reliable sources from the PMO that the dates of July 4 and September 1 have been named as the most auspicious. Some more dates are also available, which the PM’s astrologers have termed auspicious. On June 29, a marathon meeting between the PM and Amit Shah took place and the Cabinet reshuffle was discussed. The next day, that is June 30, the prime minister spoke to his ministers about it. Sources say a miffed Yogi Adityanath is being placated, while Yogi wants to become the BJP’s face as the chief ministerial candidate in UP. There were talks that Purshottam Rupala might replace Anandiben in Gujarat, but considering Anandiben’s stern response to this, it has probably been decided that Rupala, too, will be given place at the Centre. Some 75-plus ministers might be made governors, and unconfirmed reports from sources say the news of a Cabinet reshuffle may be followed by Amit Shah’s announcement of a new team. On July 5 midnight, that is July 6, PM might go for his now-frequent foreign tour. The speculation is rife that the PM might do his Cabinet’s reshuffle on Monday.

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