Expensive tea

March 30 2014

These days, Modi’s election campaign “Chai pe charcha” has boiled over things in the state of Chattisgarh. Chhaya Verma, who was Congress’ candidate from Raipur found the “Chai pe charcha” was not her cup of tea. Just before the elections, the Congress gave the ticket from Raipur to Satya Narayan Sharma instead of the party’s first choice Chhaya Verma. The tea campaign is said to be responsible for Sharma’s debacle. To create an environment for political campaigning, Chhaya Verma was holding a dharna outside Raipur’s BJP Parliamentarian and present candidate Ramesh Bains’ house. So Bains invited her for tea. Chhaya couldn’t turn down the offer and after a sip of tea, some Congress workers jokingly asked Bains if it was Modi tea. Ramesh Bains quipped back saying, “This is Ramesh Bains tea.” The repercussions of the comment reached far and wide in Raipur and the Congress had to cancel Chhaya Verma’s candidacy. 

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