Everyone knows, Modi

October 13 2014

After Modi’s sun has risen in the political scene, old members of his fan club have been getting lots of work and a good price for that, too. But they are still struggling with having an identity of their own. Take Ashok Malik, for instance, who had a lot of expectation of getting a good position in the PMO. But turning a blind eye to his feelings, Modi “attached” him to Ram Madhav, which means he is doing all he can to make Modi’s foreign policy known. He is in Australia at the moment, and is working on the Prime Minister’s possible trip to the country. He is working like a think tank in Modi’s team but his position as one has not been formally known. Take another prominent member of Modi brigade – Swapan Dasgupta; there was a lot of news that he might become India’s High commissioner in London or a media advisor to the Prime Minister. But what happened to all that? Kanchan Gupta wanted something similar, but despite singing paeans to Modi, he is still waiting. Surya Prakash is also considered to be close to Modi and there was a lot of talk that he will be made the CEO of Prasar Bharti but the result was the same – nothing. Similarly, Tarun Vijay and Sheshadrichari are facing the same fate. All these people who were nursing dreams of something big were handed the proverbial “Babaji ka thullu” by Modi. What Modi has done is that to keep people in his brigade busy, he has attached them to significant ministers informally. Sources close to Modi reveal that the prime minister is no mood to oblige his friends at the government’s cost.

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