Doesn’t matter, Rahul

March 22 2016

Congress’ excited vice president seems to be keen on changing his working style. Contrary to his past habit, Rahul Gandhi is now inviting media people to his home, and sharing with them what is in his heart. He first sent out invitations to owners of news channels and newspapers, but sensing the gravity of the situation, only a handful of media muguls reached Rahul’s residence. After a month, that is last week, Rahul sent out invitations to newspaper editors and bureau chiefs, and a young owner of an investigative newspaper went there with his editor. Educated abroad, this newspaper owner had gone to meet Rahul a month ago as well, when the former had asked newspaper owners to come and meet him. But that day Rahul was unable to recognize him and ask him for his introduction. The newspaper owner was hurt at this; what upset him even more was that his own editor once again introduced him to Rahul. This small mistake by Rahul upset the newspaper owner so much that he left within a few minutes of going there and didn’t stay back despite Rahul’s insistence.

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