Doctor Saab!

May 29 2017

Not long ago, this man was a mere doctor in Delhi’s Apollo Hospital. But today he has a firm grip on saffron politics. He is today the apple of party president Amit Shah’s eye. Naturally, he has not only been made one of the national general secretaries of the BJP, but has been made the whole and sole controller of two important states, both under the BJP. He has been given a plush ‘corner office’ in 14 Ashok Road, from where he manages his political wares. And all this power is clearly seen in his arrogant demeanour. He recently issued an undeclared diktat that all the MPs of a major northern Indian state must come and meet him and take political dictations. The same was told the party’s MLAs and leaders from that state. So, they queued up at his door and genuflected. They took his dictations and left for their state. However, one heavyweight MP refused to be cowed down. He clearly told doctor sahib that he takes his guidance and orders from Modi and Shah, and does not see the need for such obeisance to be paid to any other. The daggers were drawn. The doctor warned the MP and challenged him to see from where he gets the party ticket for the next elections. Not to be shouted down, the MP also vowed to end the doctor’s political career.

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