Digital forgery from Taslima

January 28 2018

The off-notes of Digital India track are disturbing the general public on many levels. The extensive use of plastic money brings along with it various hidden dangers of misuse. Cybercrime too is spreading across the lengths and breadths of India. Let alone the general public, even the celebrities are getting trapped in these frauds.
Eminent writer Taslima Nasrin had recently visited an African country to deliver a lecture. Here, her State Bank Debit Card was cloned. By the time she reached India, an amount of more than Rs two lakh was debited from her account. She rushed to the Parliament Street branch of the bank in New Delhi and blocked her card. The incident was also reported to the police. But after many attempts, when cyber cell failed to catch the fraudster, the State Bank transferred the case to the SOP (Standard Operative Process) Committee, and after the recommendation of the committee, the bank compensated Taslima with the stolen amount.

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