Differences between Nitish and Lalu

December 27 2015

Is it true that one can sense the end of Nitish-Lalu’s honeymoon period? With the intentions to realize his election manifesto and start working on it, Nitish has initiated work on alcohol prohibition in the state. So much so that he had advised alcohol retailers to stop selling alcohol, and to start selling milk. The state’s alcohol lobby approached Lalu with its grievances, and asked him, “Can the profits of selling milk be compared with that from selling alcohol?” Lalu understood the point and he spoke to Nitish and tried to make him see reason. It is the women in the villages who ask for alcohol prohibition; thus, let the ban happen in the villages and let alcohol continue to sell in towns and cities. Nitish didn’t see any reason in this argument, but for now, he is neither opening up his heart about the issue, nor his mouth.

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