Didi’s turn for teatime

December 15 2015

The orders may have been out to oust organizations such as Greenpeace from the country, but because of America’s pressure tactics, this desire of the Modi government hasn’t come to fruition entirely. But even on their way out, organizations such as Greenpeace have caused a big setback to the Indian economy. If you remember, this is the same Greenpeace that had kicked up a storm about Indian tea. It had been successful in playing up its claim that Indian tea has a harmful amount of pesticides in it. Right after this, several of our big tea plantations started shutting down one after another. Several non-profit organizations are also under suspicion for agitating the workers in the tea plantations. It is worth noting that most of these NGOs get foreign aid. These NGOs raised a seemingly-valid point that the owners were not giving the plantation workers even minimum wages. The tensions between the workers and the plantation owners increased, and these plantations started to close one by one. Today the situation is a grim one – plantation workers are on the verge of starvation and there has been a spate of suicides. In such a scenario, we see the entry of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who strongly believes that if a tea seller can become India’s prime minister, what is to stop her from jumping into the chai conundrum? So after meeting with the plantations owners in Kolkata, Banerjee came up with the wise idea of nationalizing the tea plantations. That means Mamata didi is now ready to sell tea, too.

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