Did the top BJP leadership really ‘manage’ madam?

March 15 2023

The political circles are speculating whether the checkmate game between Vasundhara Raje Scindia and the BJP Delhi top brass has come to an end? It was being alleged that a ‘pact’, of sorts, has been reached between Vasundhara Raje Scindia and the Satish Poonia camp on the lines of ‘Na Tum Haare, Na Hum Jeete’ and that the Rajasthan BJP has also heaved a sigh of relief after a long gap. This was being said since, Madam, who was absent from the BJP’s flag-poster till now, has now started registering her presence in BJP’s official programs as well. Sources reveal that BJP’s seat-by-seat survey work was going on in Rajasthan for some time, and the results of this survey informed the party top that ‘without taking Vasundhara along, it will not be easy to overcome the Gehlot factor in Rajasthan’.
Less than ten months are left for the assembly elections in Rajasthan. Till now, separate programs of Vasundhara and the state BJP were going on in the state. However, there was a grapevine in the ‘relevant political circles’ that the state unit will also be seen with Raje in the grand program organized at Salasar in Churu on the occasion of Vasundhara’s birthday. Although Raje’s birthday falls on March 8, and since this time Holi festival is on March 8, Vasundhara has shifted her birthday program by 4 days.
However, it now seems that all is still not well between Raje and Poonia camp since on March 4, the youth wing of state BJP – BJYM – has organized a program to gherao the state assembly and state president Satish Poonia himself will be present and spearhead the rally. Other organizations of the state BJP will also take part in the protest and Poonia, on Saturday, made strategy regarding the protest. Therefore, although on the surface it appeared that the concerned parties had made amends, but, a political observer has pointed, that, all is not what it may seem!

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