Dhumal’s hopeless hope

December 29 2017

Prem Kumar Dhumal may have lost the assembly election from Sujanpur this time but till the last moment of the declaration of the next Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, he did not give up. He kept on trying for himself and he kept talking about this directly with Modi and Shah. Sources say that, in fact, Dhumal had been deeply aware this time that if he surrendered so easily, then the political future of his son Anurag Singh Thakur would be a question mark. Anyway, his defeat from Sujanpur was unexpected because defeater Rajendra Rana of Congress was once amongst the devotees of Dhumal. Rana gradually made his entry into the houses of Sujanpur through his NGO. The NGO distributed sewing machines on a large scale to women and girls. The poor were given a permanent home. In the favor of Dhumal, Modi had himself organised an election rally.
On the other hand, in Dhumal’s Hamirpur, BJP could win only 3 out of 5 seats. Actually, the people of Hamirpur did not like the daily visit of police on account of BJP to the marriage of the then Congress chief minister Virbhadra Singh’s daughter. Perhaps, this is the reason why Virbhadra’s son Vikramaditya kept camping in Hamirpur during the entire time campaign.

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