Deputy Speaker’s Post to Shiv Sena

August 29 2017

Those who have got new suits stitched in anticipation of a Cabinet berth, include Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, who is known to be an RSS organiser. Powers that be have asked him to stay put in Delhi. AIADMK’s Thambidurai, who is Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, too is learnt to have received similar instructions. The expansion was expected to take place on 25th August on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. But, Ganesh festival will last for 10 days and expansion can take place anytime next week. If Thambidurai is included in the Cabinet, Deputy Speaker’s post may go to Shiv Sena. But, then what will happen to Karia Munda? Will he too be accommodated in the Cabinet? Another suspense is about JD(U)’s nominees. The party is likely to get one Cabinet Minister and one Minister of State’s post. Nitish Kumar’s nominees are expected to be RCP Singh and KC Tyagi. NCP too is expecting a place in Modi’s cabinet. But, the final decision will be the Prime Minister.

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