Deputy Guns for Yogi

May 22 2017

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath has an enviable reputation as a tough leader, and yet, he recently got shouted down, albeit via media, by his very own deputy. Deputy CM and state BJP chief Keshav Prasad Maurya in a recent meeting, even in the presence of Yogi, bawled out a ‘strict warning’ that severe action would be taken against any party leader or cadre who is found to be running any organisation parallel to the BJP. Now, it is no secret that Yogi’s Hindu Yuva Vahini has been in the headlines recently and he has made it clear that he ain’t about to rubbish it, not yet. Instead, he says, the Vahini will keep working on socially burning issues. However, Maurya’s blast has for once left a few wrinkles on Yogi’s forehead, for sure.

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