Delicate matters

April 26 2016

Recently, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi met Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi, and told him to come to his aide, considering how the political winds were not blowing in his favor. Rahul couldn’t control himself then, and told Gogoi curtly that his family and the people of Assam had always given him respect. But he is so immerse in love for his son these days that while he did only 61 rallies for the state elections, his son conducted no less than 81 rallies. Was it that he was more popular than his father? He said that it was because of Gogoi’s son that Hemanand Biswal left the Congress and joined the BJP. He played a crucial role in giving traction to the BJP in Assam because he has great organizational skills. He had prepared the entire strategy for the BJP. Obviously, Tarun Gogoi didn’t know how to respond to that, and it thought it better to keep quiet thereafter.

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