‘Debacle’ Mohan

March 11 2017

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi’s most trusted campaigner is known to be Mohan Prakash. And Rahul is in the habit of asking him to ensure a party victory in one state or the other every time there are state polls. Whereas his political acumen shows in the fact that during the Janata Wave decades ago, he had won once as an MLA, that’s all. His detractors do not forget to remind Rahul that Mohan Prakash had ruined the Congress’ chances in the 2014 General Elections. Thereafter, in whichever state he was sent to, the party hid bitten dust. The party was licked in the Maharashtra BMC polls, whereas Mohan had been sent there as general secretary to ensure a Congress win. The critics are demanding that he be sacked ahead of the six more municipal polls in Maharashtra. But Mohan Prakash is completely oblivious of this, and is regularly seen flashing a smile from his brand new Audi.

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