Das’s Bala Favours

December 29 2017

Four dissenting (read disgusted) MLAs of Jharkhand have taken their pile of complaints against state Chief Minister, Raghuvar Das, to the BJP high command, Amit Shah. They have alleged that the state government has shown an utter lack of political will and have forfeited all political powers to the state bureaucracy. They have told Shah that Das is fast losing his popularity and especially among the Brahmans as well as tribal communities. It is well known that the all powerful voice in the state is that of Chief Secretary Rajbala Verma, set to retire in coming February. However, Das seems hell bent on getting her an extension. The four MLAs met Shah, who is said to have heard their gripe carefully, and sent them back with an assurance that soon, things will change. Now, that is that most people are waiting for!

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