Cycle’s stalemate

December 07 2014

The RJD, JD (U), JD (S), Indian National Lokdal, Samajwadi Janta Party (Chandrashekhar) and the SP may well have nominated Mulayam Singh as the leader of the new party, but several Lohiawadi colleagues of his fear that in the quest for forming a new party, an already established SP might go off track. Because the new party may be getting a new symbol from the Election Commission, but the SP’s symbol of cycle is known in far-off villages and towns. Obviously, it won’t be easy to take the new symbol to these places in a short period. But Netaji is pretty excited about the new party and a deflated Nitish is inflating the hopes of Netaji. The coming Assembly elections in Delhi, however, might show these hopes and ambitions the reality.

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