Cutting Edge to Expansion

August 29 2017

Cabinet reshuffle is in the offing. It is possible anytime before September 3, when PM Modi will embark on a China visit to participate in BRICS Summit. He will return on September 7 while pitra paksha will start from 5 and will end only on 20 September. One is supposed to avoid this period for any good work. It appeared expansion would take place on 25 August after Amit Shah cancelled his Chennai visit, then people expected it to take place on 27 when Lalu Yadav’s RJD rally was organised in Patna. BJP would have liked the media to be full of expansion stories and all reports of the rally would be treated as secondary stories. But, in the meantime violence broke out after Ram Rahim’s arrest. Now, it remains to be seen when Modi will plan his cabinet expansion to ensure maximum coverage of the event.

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