Congress’ take on Marandi and Kalyan

September 26 2016

The Congress plans to play a big game in Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. The reins in these two states might be given to an outsider, because the Congress as an organization is struggling in both states due to in-fighting. Not just that, the party also doesn’t seem to be in active mode in these states. In Andhra, the Congress wants to place its bets on Congress’s actor politician Chiranjeevi’s brother Pavan Kalyan, who represents the Kapu community. The community has 15-17 per cent votes in Andhra Pradesh. The second state is Jharkhand, where talks between senior Congress leaders and Babulal Marandi are in the decisive phase. Sources say the Congress has made it clear to Marandi that if he merges his party with the Congress, Marandi might be made the president of state’s unit and also projected as a CM candidate. But voices within the Congress are speaking up against it, and several heavyweight Congress leaders such as Subodh Kant Sahay, Furkan Ansari, Rajendra Singh, and Ajay Singh are not agreeable to the idea. Their view is that if the Congress gives everything to Babulal, what will the future of old party hands be? As a result, these politicians can be heard talking about JMM.

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