Congress’ hope in UP – Priyanka

May 11 2016

Several marathon meetings have taken place between Rahul and Prashant Kishore regarding the party president for UP. In the end, both came to the conclusion that why not take the name to the public and let the public decide. Sources say that after getting the go-ahead from Rahul, Prashant Kishore shortlisted the names of 12 such leaders, and the task was given to a Lucknow-based survey agency, to look at these names based on popularity. The agency conducted a big public opinion survey for these 12 names in eight cities that included Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Aligarh, Agra, and Ghaziabad. The maximum votes went to Priyanka Gandhi, with the people’s opinion that she should keep her distance from her husband Robert Vadra in her political journey. In any case, even Rahul agrees that Rahul has nothing to do with the Congress by a long shot. And the sun hasn’t risen on the person related to it.

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