Congress’ Hindu Conscience?

June 26 2017

The Congress is now pulling out all the stops in its efforts at an image makeover. Post the poll blast of 2014, when the party set up a review committee to analyse the reasons behind its massive debacle, the Anthony Committee clearly said in its report that nothing but the overtly pro-Muslim image has caused the party such a crush. And yet, nothing much changed and the party put the report in the deep-freezer, conveniently. 10 Janpath and RG’s office seemed to take an ostrich view of the storm sweeping by. But recent developments have forced the people around the High Command to do a rethink. So the party has finally decided that the Muslim spokespersons of the organisation seen daily on television need to take a ‘long vacation’. And some perceived pro-Hindu faces be given a rocket launch to stem the saffron tide. Known dramatis personae such as Shakeel Ahmad, Meem Afzal, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Salman Khurshid have been told to stay off the idiot box for the moment – a long moment, it seems – and a committee has been set up to identify some pro-Hindu faces to faceoff with the saffronites in public But for the Congress the problem is that Rahul Gandhi has already set up eight or nine committees within the party on different issues, and the party knows well what has been the end-result of such committees.

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