Congress’ hand with AAP

January 05 2014

A group of politicians close to Rahul are in favour of supporting AAP. These people believe that the more traction AAP gets during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi’s chances of becoming a prime minister will become that much dimmer. After the AAP formed the government in Delhi, the Congress conducted a people’s opinion survey and see it getting about 102-112 seats in India, and that too when the party is set to get 16-17 seats from Karnataka. The same survey has also shown that if AAP gets more than 10 per cent vote share in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP may lose at least 30 seats and NaMo’s chariot may not move beyond 160. The survey also showed that if in Bihar, the coalition of Lalu, Paswan, Congress and NCP works out, it may win more than half the seats there. In Bihar, Lalu wants to give Congress and Paswan six seats each, Tariq Anwar one, and 27 seats for himself. The survey also brought to light the fact that Nitish may not hit the bull’s eye in the coming elections. He may have to satisfy himself with just three seats – those in Nalanda, Samastipur and Ujjiyarpur.


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