Congress focusing on the booth

May 28 2023

It is said that there is no bigger lesson than failures. In the last 9 years, Congress has also learned the biggest lesson from its failures that its mass base is cracking on the ground, its organization is suffering from termites, its people are turning to other parties. So, in order to strengthen its booth management, the Congress has made preparations to hand over its responsibility to its senior leader DP Rai. Rai is a grassroots leader from West Bengal who has been a Congress MLA from Jalpaiguri and Alipore Gate, a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1984 to 1990, besides holding many responsibilities in the Congress organization. DP Rai can be entrusted with the task of training Congress workers, who will train the cadre of Congress Seva Dal, Mahila Congress, NSUI and Youth Congress and teach them booth management. Till now the responsibility of running the training center in Congress was on Sachin Rao, who has been running the training center of Congress in Wardha, Maharashtra. But DP Rai believes that ‘what is the need for every Congress worker to go to Wardha for training, when they can organize such training camps in different states.’ Rai was once marginalized in Congress politics, because he always opposed the alliance of Congress with the Left, while Rahul Gandhi’s view in this matter has been slightly different as Rahul has been a big fan of Left politics.

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