Congress divided on National Herald case

December 15 2015

The Congress seems to have gained lost ground in the National Herald issue. Taking advantage of BJP’s unwanted aggression with Sonia’s strategists, it has converted the matter from a legal one to one that is political. But it’s not like all Congress Parliamentarians are agreeable to the strategy. About 125 Congress Parliamentarians (which includes those in the Rajya Sabha) have a different opinion about the National Herald case and there are two clear school of thoughts. The Rahul-Sonia coterie is in favour of maintaining that the party’s take on the matter should be sharp and aggressive. They feel that even if non-bailable warrants are issued in the name of their top leaders on December 19, they will only get the country’s sympathies. At the same time, there are Parliamentarians from West Bengal and Punjab who feel that the public considers this a matter of “Chori, oopar se seena zori” (Doing something wrong and then being blasé about it). But they are unable to muster up the courage to put their view forward. They are probably of the opinion that it is better the BJP does the job of showing the Congress the mirror.

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