Congress’ Operation Shivraj

June 25 2012

If administration is an art, then Congress is the current university in it. Not only does the Congress know how to run the government, with its double-edged sword, it also knows how to strait-jacket, manoeuver, scare and control the non-Congress governments. Take the fresh Madhya Pradesh incident, for instance. The state will face elections next year. So, the Congress preparations are already on. Income tax raids have been happening on all those people who are close to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and his wife Sadhana. In the days to come, using a few signatures that were got from the raids, several people and families may have to face CBI investigation. The business lobby in the state is in shock. They can hear the sound of power from Delhi loud and clear, and know the message – they may support the current BJP government, but in a limit. So after Yeddyurappa, is Shivraj Singh Chauhan the next target for the Congress?

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