Cong still treading the old path

November 23 2022

The Congress may have got a new president of the party in the form of Mallikarjun Kharge, but the pattern of its functioning looks the same. In the civic elections of Delhi, the responsibility of distributing tickets has again been given to the same troupe, which has been accused of selling tickets indirectly in the past as well. The chairmanship of the recently constituted Screening Committee for the corporation elections has been handed over to Avinash Pandey. Dr. Ajoy Kumar has been made co-incharge of Delhi. The other two members of the committee are Dr. K.K. Jayakumar and Qazi Mohammad Nizamuddin, former MLA from Mangalore in Uttarakhand. It is this team that becomes active in every election, which is said to have received the blessings of Alankar Sewai, an important member of Rahul’s team. Later Jagdish Tytler’s name was also added to the team. But BJP got the issue as soon as Tytler’s name was added and BJP accused Congress of neglecting Sikhs.

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