Chidambaram will be the PM

October 17 2012

Is the US portraying Finance Minister P Chidambaram as an alternative to Manmohan Singh? One of the biggest reasons for this is said to be Chidambaram’s closeness to Obama and the American administration. Chidambaram is a Harvard product, from where Obama passed out too, and he thus has an old acquaintance with Obama. In any case, US promotes and encourages those who have studied from institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. In the past few days, Chidambaram has also become close to SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav. Sources close to the Congress give the credit to Chidambaram for the recent hard economic decisions that were taken in the past few days. The hurry to introduce FDI in retail, insurance and pension, to do away with subsidies, to ascertain a quote for cooking gas and so on being some of them. So much so that even Manmohan Singh is said to be of the view that such hard decisions should be introduced only after the elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. But Chidambaram is a man in a hurry – after all he wants to get to 7, Race Course as soon as he can.

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