Chauffeur ‘Culls’ Mishra

May 14 2017

Now here’s the real saucy bit. How did the conspiracy so meticulously hatched by Kapil Mishra, Kumar Vishwas et all, against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, get exposed so ridiculously? Apparently, the drivers of Kapil Mishra and Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodia are bum-chums. And one of these days, the former gave away the game to Sisodia’s chauffeur. “My boss is going to become the CM soon,” Mishra’s chauffeur gaffed to Sisodia’s. When this was ‘leaked’ to Sisodia, he immediately summoned Mishra and asked about the shady goings on. Sisodia, the birds coo and the bees hum, told Mishra: “There is going to be a cabinet reshuffle soon, and better be prepared for losing your chair.” Mishra apparently initially said “Okay”. But then, he went out and had a 15-minute chat on the phone with someone. Immediately thereafter, he went back to Sisodia’s chamber and in a threatening tone, said: “Kejriwal will have to pay a heavy price for this!” Then started the look-ins into the goings on. The rest, as the wizened say, is history.

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