Captain’s players

July 20 2015

With Punjab seeing Assembly elections in the coming year, most prominent political parties are trying with all their might to be seen and heard. Keeping the dates in mind, the Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab unit is a ball of energy, and while the Congress leadership is working actively in the state, the culture of camps in state Congress is just not coming to an end. Rahul Gandhi can’t stand Captain Amrinder Singh, Punjab Congress’ most influential leader. But to ignore the man at a time like this would mean calling for a revolt in the party’s state unit. Thus, Sonia Gandhi is looking for a middle way, and she had a talk with Captain after calling him to Delhi. She told him if he didn’t like Bajwa as the state’s party president, he should nominate a name of his own liking for the post. Sources say the Captain has nominated the name of Leader of Opposition Sunil Jakhar for the post, but the party people can’t seem to come to a unanimous decision about him. Most Congress leaders are of the opinion that Jakhar’s name was more appropriate for the politics of Haryana, but the Jakhar family’s contribution hasn’t been all that much in Punjab’s politics. Thus, now Captain has been told to come up with some other name.

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