Captain, the team player

February 23 2016

Prashant Kishore, who wove a winning strategy for Nitish Kumar in Bihar, is busy spinning strategies for Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab nowadays. The “Kishore effect” can be seen in Captain’s political stance. For instance, Captain has distanced himself from his two favourites, whom he had not distanced despite Sonia asking him to. One of them is his media advisor Bharatendar Chahal, and the other is MLA Rana Sodhi. Captain, who would be full of himself, also looks like a changed man; he is interacting with college students, and is allowing people to take selfies with him. His everyday routine has changed, too. Captain now tells people he wakes up at 7 am, and does the paath as well. He always keeps “Jay ji” in his car, and has also announced that he will not give a Congress ticked to anyone from his family. With all this being done by Captain, the Congress might just be back in the fight.

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