Captain and Badal

December 05 2016

The most interesting faceoff in the same HT Summit was in the session addressed by Punjab deputy CM Sukhbir Badal and state Congress’ never-say-die Captain Amrinder Singh. On hitting the dais, Sukhvir touched Captain’s feet in obeisance. The session anchor asked the redoubtable Captain what quality in Sukhvir he admires the most. The veteran said: “See, his politics is different from that of his father, especially because he never goes back on his words. He likes Diet Coke and so do I. so much so that even when I had packed him off to jail, I ensured that Coke was never on short supply. Next came Sukhbir’s turn and the anchor asked him what Badal does not like in the Captain. Sukhbir said promptly: “As such I like him because he has a strong character, but I have always failed to understand why he gets cowed down by his party High Command (read Sonia Gandhi). Like, he has welcomed Navjot Singh Siddhu joining his party, but the High Command has yet to say ‘Yes’. At this point the audience roared in laughter!

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