Can the government take strict steps?

December 13 2020

When the Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the farmers’ organizations failed to reach an agreement after talks, some ministers of the government started advocating strict action. Sources reveal that many ministers were also of the opinion that farmers should be driven away from Delhi by following the Shaheen Bagh model, with the help of Para Military Forces. Sources reveal that input from intelligence agencies was also sought in this regard. The agencies alerted the government that the time had gone to take such strict measures, this would destabilize the atmosphere and violence could spread. Anyway, a large number of farmers are marching towards Delhi almost everyday. Sources reveal that when there was no talk between the Central Government and the Farmers’ Organization, there were such indications from within the government that if the farmers did not bother, then this case of agriculture bill could also go to the court, where its settlement can take years. So now the government also believes that the path can be taken out only by negotiation, hence the government now wants to show a lot of frankness on its behalf and it also wants to show the benefits to the farmers. Meanwhile, the Sangh is also trying to blunt the edge of this movement by joining the shoulders of the government. First, the Sangh put pressure on both its subsidiaries and got them the understand the government’s stand on the agricultural bill, while it founded a new farmers’ organization. An old volunteer who started this organization is said to be very close to a prominent leader of the Sangh, Dr. Krishna Gopal. Now this new organization can present an important challenge to the Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, a subsidiary of the Sangh.

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