Can ‘Captain’ be changed before the election?

July 28 2021

It has always been a tradition of the Congress in Punjab that if its Chief Minister is a Sikh during the Congress rule, then a Hindu is placed on the post of the state president, as till now even under Captain’s rule, the responsibility of the state president before Sidhu took charge, was fulfilled by Sunil Jakhar, a non-Sikh. So, now the speculations are rife in Punjab that in the next few days, Captain Amarinder Singh may be retired citing his old age and Navjot Singh Sidhu may be made the new Chief Minister of Punjab in his place. In such a situation, a non-Sikh, that is, a Hindu can be made to sit on the chair of the state president vacated by Sidhu so that a balance can be reached in the ratio of Sikh and Hindu voters of the state. Anyway, when Sidhu took charge on Friday, he made it clear to Captain, in a way, that they are not going to get along with each other. Sidhu and Captain sat together for one and a half hours during the program, but the relationship was so tense that even after sitting together for so long, they did not talk to each other. When Sidhu stood up to speak at the Punjab Congress Bhawan, remembering Waheguru, followed by a cricket shot-hitting action, he ignored Captain and Harish Rawat sitting to his right and took his blessings by touching the feet of senior leader Lal Singh and former Chief Minister of the state Rajinder Kaur Bhattal. Therefore, in a way, Sidhu challenged Captain and said – ‘My heart is not like the heart of an irritable person, those who oppose me, they will make me stronger’ i.e. in a way Sidhu Has declared war with the Captain.

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