Cabinet reshuffle on cards?

February 26 2021

The first phase of the Parliament’s budget session, which was to end on February 15, got a break on February 13. The current budget session is going to end on April 8, but with the current political situation of the country, there are indications that perhaps the budget session will not be able to complete its fixed period. According to sources, PM Modi is busy finalizing the long-awaited reshuffle of his cabinet. In this regard, he is also finalizing the final negotiations with the allies. It is said that Nitish Kumar reached Delhi on the PM’s call on last Tuesday, but he could meet Modi on Thursday. Sources say that the PM had asked the names of MPs from Nitish’s JDU to induct them into the cabinet, but Nitish’s attitude was evasive. Sources associated with JDU reveal that this time, perhaps Lallan Singh’s name may be included, as he has got Nitish’s special loyalist RCP Singh appointed as the JDU’s national president. A three-time MP from Nalanda, Kaushalendra Kumar, who is also closely associated with Nitish, is also being touted to be inducted but according to sources, Nitish personally does not want any MP from his party to be included in the Modi cabinet. He does not want to build a ‘power- centre’ of his party in Delhi. To a large extent, the same sentiment is for ‘regional satraps’ also like Naveen Patnaik and Jagan Mohan Reddy, both of whom have also made it clear to the PM that they will continue to give their full support to the Modi government on policy issues, but their party MPs will not join the cabinet. Even Naveen Patnaik rejected the PM’s proposal to make his party’s Bhatrihari Mahtab as the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Sources reveal that last time, RCP Singh missed out on becoming a minister at the Centre only because he got a direct call from the PMO. Nitish considered it a ‘danger bell’ for himself. So, it is possible that only the people of BJP can get a place in the coming reshuffle of the Modi cabinet.

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