Business slump for the middlemen

December 13 2014

Middlemen and lobbyists are finding it tough to make a go with Modi government at the Centre. Their intentions are not bearing any results. A known figure, who runs a big PR company and has direct access to Sonia and Rahul had to cancel his Christmas party for the first time, because no prominent BJP leader or any minister from the government agreed to attend his party. His wife, too, didn’t succeed in her attempts, where earlier her parties were the talk of the town in page-three sections and she had direct access to the Sonia’s son-in-law Robert Vadra. Similarly, a prominent businessman, who lobbied under the garb of running an advertising agency, is seeing bleak times. His lobbying business has crashed, his future seems bleak and his Twitter account, too, is not able to hold anyone’s attention anymore. In the same way, a known Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand, who is a point man of a prominent industrialist, has lost his knack; in fact, ministers in the government are avoiding meeting him.

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