BSP’s Brahmin leaders have complains, too

August 28 2016

BSP MP Brijesh Pathak, who is now drenched in the saffron colour after having left the elephant ride, was said to be close to Satish Mishra. Pathak was asking for the Mallava seat for someone close to him. When he went to Mishra, it is said the latter expressed inability, and told him to go speak to Behenji directly. When Brijesh Pathak went running to her, the BSP chief told him without mincing her words, “Whenever you come, it is to ask for something. The party has given you so much. What have you given it in exchange?” After this, Pathak connected with BJP’s Hemant Sharma and minister Mahesh Sharma, and joined the party. Sources claims that in the days to come, BSP MLA from Sahibabad Amarpal Sharma might also opt for saffron. Amarmani Tripathi’s son had also been asking for time to meet Behenji for a long time, but he has been unsuccessful so far. So maybe in the days to come the lotus might flower in UP.

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