BSP candidates get party fund for the first time

January 19 2016

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is giving up its old way of launching into election mode and is learning to move with the times. That is the reason why BSP strategists are working out a high-tech campaign for the Assembly elections due to be held in UP in 2017. In a quest to change its image, the BSP has conducted a public opinion survey with the help of a known agency. The results of the survey have given a boost to Behenji’s confidence; the survey shows the party at number one in 167 seats. There are 70 to 90 seats were a BSP candidate is shown as losing out from its competing SP candidate with less than 5 per cent votes. Of these, 50 seats are those that are reserved. That means BSP’s Dalit candidates are unable to influence its cadre voters and others voters to a large extent. Thus, under the leadership of Mayavati, the BSP’s core committee has decided that to attract Brahmin, Muslim, and very backward castes, BSP workers will go to villages and form mitra mandalis with them. Apart from this, the top BSP committee has made another significant decision – for the first time, in the coming elections, financially weak candidates will be funded by the party and they will be given financial help to contest the elections. The investigation for such candidates is also over, and most of them are Dalits.

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