Brother, I too have a mother

January 15 2010

Another daughter-in-law of the Gandhi family, Maneka, had also long
ago laid the foundation of the “transfer of power’’ for her son,
Varun Gandhi. She had relinquished her traditional Pilibhit
parliamentary seat for her son and had herself tried her luck in the
nearby Aonla, from where she managed to win with great difficulty.
Political analysts know that in comparison to his elder cousin, Varun
is much more sincere, suave and farsighted. But his problem is that
some big leaders of his party itself have started considering him a
rival. So in the new year if Varun is to do something new then more
than his own party leaders he would have to repose much more faith in
his mentors and seniors in the Sangh. So it is being expected that
along with taking over the mantle of the BJP Yuva Morcha president in
the new team of his new party president, Varun would also focus on the
party politics in U.P. Varun is about to organise seven big political
rallies in U.P. in the new year. So you can well understand that in
his sub-conscious mind somewhere the idea of and answer to “U.P.
Mission 2012’’ of Rahul has made a house.

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