BJP’s unkept promises

August 14 2016

In another incident, when Kalikho Pul was trying to garner support from MLAs for himself and the BJP, it is said BJP supremo Amit Shah spoke to Assam’s heavyweight BJP leader Hemant Biswa Sarma, and told him he will have to take care of Pul and the MLAs with him in all ways possible. It is said Biswa Sarma was upset with the BJP high command for some reason. Thus, while he took great care of Pul and his MLAs, got them to stay at his hotel with the best amenities, he didn’t assist them with anything else. When the date for the floor test approached closer, sources say Pul had full support of 47 MLAs, but he was unable to fulfill his promises to these MLAs. It is said Shah had given this responsibility to Biswa Sarma, who didn’t want to be bothered with it at that time. As a result, Pul’s political strategy went for a toss. When a hurt and defeated Pul got in touch with Congress MLA Ninong Aring and said he was ready to come back home, on the condition that if he doesn’t become the CM, neither will Nawang Tuki. He said anyone else can be made the CM, and in exchange, he be given a Lok Sabha ticket. Pul’s deal with the Congress came through, but the hurt in his heart didn’t stop paining.

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