BJP’s rookie mistake

March 26 2018

Ever since AAP’s Sanjay Singh has set-foot in the Upper House, he is giving the ruling party a hard time with all his hyperactivity. When asked which parliamentary committee would he prefer being a part of as an MP, Singh put forth his three choices. His first priority was the Urban Development Ministry, the second being Home Ministry and the third was the Ministry of Mines and Steels.
The BJP policymakers thought that sealing-drive issue is at its peak in Delhi, so Sanjay Singh will be busy dealing with the state government on the issue. Thus, at the behest of Venkaiah Naidu, he was sent to the mining ministry.
Now the BJP was unaware that Sanjay Singh was a mining engineer. Now this AAP MP is busy preparing all the possible cross-questions related to mining rules to which the saffron-torch bearers will have to find the answers.
In the latest, Sanjay has pulled out the expansion plan of public sector giant ‘Sail’. It is believed that of the allocated amount of Rs 78 thousand crores, Rs 74 thousand crores has already been disbursed, but its production has registered a

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