BJP’s dilemma

December 22 2013

In the meeting of  General Secretaries at Rajnath Singh’s residence, Ananth Kumar tried to gain everyone’s attention by talking about Aam Aadmi Party and openly said that the BJP didn’t take all the warnings about the party prior to the Assembly elections in Delhi. The result of it was now in front of everyone and the BJP wants to repeat the same mistake in the Lok Sabha elections. Ananth said that even if AAP fails to win not many  Lok Sabha seats, it does have the potential to ruin the BJP’s best laid plans to nought. In Bengaluru alone,  AAP can get one lakh to 1.25 lakh votes. Due to this, 75 per cent of BJP’s votes will go there. If the trend takes over the rest of India, AAP may be able to spoil the BJP chances in as many as 40 Lok Sabha seats.

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