BJP’s Delhi-Belly!

March 19 2017

Though the saffron wave is everywhere at its crest, there seems to be a great deal of turmoil in its Delhi nest. Sources reveal that it is daggers drawn between Delhi party president Manoj Tiwari and State General Secretary (Org) Siddharthan. Shyam Jaju, the powerful BJP mandarin from Delhi, and Siddharthan want Tiwari’s hands off all state issues of the party, and him to focus only on the party’s agitprop. But Tiwari wants a clear say in all the important issues of the state unit, including his decisive say on the distribution of tickets for the upcoming municipal elections in the city-state. Tiwari also wants a control over allocation of responsibilities in the state unit. But little birds coo that the top BJP bosses also want Tiwari to just remain satisfied being the face of the party.

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