BJP working on Sudarshan’s vision

June 20 2020

At such opportune time when RSS’s hopes are on the rise, it is celebrating its ideology shaper KS Sudarshan’s birthday with utmost frolic. Although Sudarshan’s birthdate falls on 18th June, however, the Sangh is following the birthday on 6th June according to the Hindu calendar. Sudarshan has always been a proponent of the swadeshi model for development and throughout his life, he stood against the ‘Western Model and Economic Development’. in his tenure, Sangh’s frontal organization Swadeshi Jagaran Manch also reached great heights. Considered to be staunch anti-globalisation supporter, it was Sudarshan who gave the motto of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. He also laid stress on the development of North-East and he advocated for the Citizenship Amendment Law. So this time, when PM Modi spoke during his ‘Man Ki Baat’ on radio, he also stressed on being ‘Atmanirbhar’. PM clarified that he wants to take manufacturing hub to villages and wants to open new employment opportunities in rural areas. PM’s mention is also important since he believes that those migrant labourers who have reached home, now they will not have to go out in search of work as they will find work near their villages. The Migration Commission has also started working on PM’s idea, the Commission which is going to be given shape in the days to come.

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