BJP silences its Ladakh MP

June 20 2020

When the tensions between India and China due to the recent border spat were on its peak, the first time BJP MP from Ladakh Jamyang Tsering Namgyal couldn’t control his emotions and went near the LAC, inspected the situation through his binoculars and gave a statement that China hadn’t encroached upon on single inch of Indian soil. After this, he participated in a TV debate and said that the Chinese had encroached upon Indian land. This wasn’t music to the BJP high command and they called Namgyal and asked him as with whose permission did he go to the LAC and then participated in the TV debate? The young MP is said to have insisted on his role as MP from Ladakh. The party made him understand that the party has deputed spokespersons to represent it in the media and he should refrain from expressing the party or government’s view directly. Namgyal’s graph is certainly down in the BJP now. It is worth mentioning that in 2018, the then sitting BJP MP from Ladakh Thumpstan Chhewang refused to contest elections citing his age, BJP had hurriedly asked his deputy Namgyal to contest without many deliberations and Namgyal won the seat as well.

The author is a journalist and political commentator and views expressed are his personal.

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