BJP set for facelift

April 18 2015

The top echelon of the saffron politics is set for big changes, as sherpas of Modi-Shah combine are busy giving final touches to change the face of the government and the organisation. The announcement on a major expansion-reshuffle in the Modi government could be made any day after the end of the second half of the ongoing budget session. Lok sabha is in session till May 9 and Rajya Sabha is till May 13. Incidentally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes one year in office on coming May 26. Indications are there that a few may lose their jobs, while a few others are slated to be sent to party for organisational works. Possibly, this could be the reason, why BJP president Amit Shah has been delaying the announcement of the names of his new team. Initially it was expected to be announced on April 2 during National Executive meeting in Bangluru. But it was shifted for April 6. In the meantime, sources said, following a detailed discussion between Modi and Shah, it was decided that changes in both- government and organisation- should be done near to each other so that ministers, who would be dropped from the government could be accommodated in the organisation. As the leaders came to know about the idea of the power-duo, many of the ministers are now seen running here and there to save their respective chairs. Majority of them are seen lobbying with Sangh and a few others are desperately trying to please God-Goddesses in temples of their respective faith and belief.


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