BJP focussing on seats it lost in 2019 UP assembly polls!

March 15 2023

BJP has no equal in castes handling. Till now saffron strategists have proved to be the uncrowned king of social engineering, but when this saffron caravan reaches western UP, it commits a big mistake there. To win the Khatauli by-election, Jayant Chowdhary had bet on his late grandfather Chowdhary Charan Singh’s ‘Majag’ (Muslim, Jat and Gujjar) formula and bagged this seat. Jats and Gujjar castes may have worked together in the favor of BJP in the recently concluded district panchayat elections in UP, but when it came to become the president of the district panchayat, in this saffron period, Jats won the battle. Nearly 80 Jats were made president in 90 percent of the districts and Jats were also given prominence in those districts which were Gujjar dominated areas. It is said that there is a lot of anger in the Gujjar community about this matter. On the other hand, BJP’s focus is on those 14 seats in UP which it lost in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP has formed a team under the leadership of Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, which is engaged in grass-root investigation as to why the BJP had to face defeat here in the 2019 elections. This team is working especially hard on the seats of Bijnor, Saharanpur and Nagina. Out of this Bijnor’s seat was won by Maluk Nagar of BSP and it is being said about him that he is in constant touch with BJP. On the other hand, the BJP is still trying to woo Jayant Chaudhary, but Jayant knows that ‘how does the saffron party deal with the smaller parties’ as what better example can be given than the Lok Janshakti Party?

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