BJP falling behind

March 01 2016

The BJP has got its favourite public opinion survey agency from Rajasthan conduct a big survey. This survey took place in eight states where BJP and Congress are likely to have a face-off. Sources say that this public opinion survey started right after the results for Bihar were out. And if they are to be believed, the survey results are nothing short of a warning bell for the Modi government. The survey says that if the elections take place today, the BJP may shrink to just six seats in Rajasthan, and the BJP has a lead in only urban constituencies such as Jaipur and Udaipur. The picture is less grim in Madhya Pradesh. The BJP’s share of seats in Chattisgarh is a mere 1-2, and the picture is more or less similar in Himachal, Haryana, and Delhi. The Congress seems to be doing better in Uttarakhand as well. In Modi-Shah’s home state Gujarat, too, the Congress is shown as being ahead in 11 seats. The top leadership in the BJP is shocked, and is raising questions on the validity of the survey, as well as it methodology and sample size.

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