BJP fails when it comes to cells

May 23 2016

This worry by the BJP has been accepted by all that victory might make it commit mistakes, but no lessons are learnt from defeats. Until such time that the BJP was in the Opposition, its central office at Ashoka Road had no less than 50 cells operative. And the cells were such that they would give then frank opinions on important matters such as foreign policy, defense affairs, farmers’ policy, and so on. But ever since Modi has taken over as the nizam in Delhi, the cells have vanished. The chiefs of these cells have been told that now that the BJP is in power at the Centre, what was the need for making separate vision documents on different subjects? These cell prabharis have been told to give their advice directly to the government. But what has the government done in these two years? Why ignore the voices connected to grassroots? Foreign policy was something that was being talked about the most, but why have our relations with neighbouring countries stagnated? Until two years ago, it appeared all will be well between India and Nepal, but today Nepal is rocking in China’s lap, almost. Sri Lanka also seems to be leaning towards China, and our relations with Pakistan are as strained. All in all, it is only with Bangladesh that our relations are somewhat warm, and that too because of Sheikh Hasina.

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