BJP eyeing Delhi

February 12 2013

The saffron party is now eyeing Delhi. Thus, news of working things out in venues such as Pune and Bhopal has been postponed. BJP’s new National Working Committee’s conference is set to take place in Delhi from March 1 to 3. The party has already begun its preparations for the same. Initially, the conference was scheduled to be held in Pune from February 16-18 and there was a possibility that Gadkari will become the party president once again. But the minute Rajnath Singh took over the reins there was news that the venue may be shifted to Bhopal from Pune. But in his presidential tenure, Rajnath Singh does not want to give extra mileage to any chief minister of a BJP-ruled state and thus Delhi was chosen as the venue for the working committee conference. And because Rajnath is an elected member of the party and not someone who was nominated, his presidential tenure does not need to be sanctioned by the National Committee either. But the real challenge facing Rajnath is choosing a new team for himself and the announcement of the same can happen any time before March 1.

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